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July 14 at 7:58 AM · 

Hi Wolfgang. I got the test results and it is at .5. Far cry from the 15 it was. I can email the pdf if you give me an email address.

Thanks again. Paul


On March 19, 2018, my wife Kim and I received a report from Alpha Energy Laboratories giving us the results of the
activated charcoal radon tests we had mailed in to them. We discovered that we had radon levels of 8.7 pCi/L in our
basement, and 6.4 pCi/L in our upstairs living room. We did some research, and decided to try simple ventilation
of the basement, aided by a box fan to draw in fresh air. We purchased a digital radon sensor, which gave results
comparable to the Alpha Labs report prior to ventilation. Ventilating for 12 hours a day did cut the radon level
roughly in half. Maybe ventilating around the clock would do even better...but...

We did not feel secure leaving windows and doors open around the clock, and we were obviously wasting a lot of energy.
We contacted Central Virginia Radon, and Wolfgang visited us, looked over our situation, and explained the options
he could offer. We decided to try sub-slab depressurization, even though we doubted that our 53 year old house
had much gravel under the slab. On the other hand, our house is not very large. So we kept our fingers crossed.

On May 7, 2018, Wolfgang and his crew arrived at 9:00 am to install the sub-slab depressurization system.
The work was finished the same day: drilling a 4" hole in the concrete floor of the basement, as well as through
the exterior brick wall; installing all the pipe inside; installing the fan outside along with the exhaust pipe
above the roof line; putting in the electrical cable from the outside fan, through the brick exterior, and through
floor joists to an available indoor outlet. Kim and I were very happy with the workmanship, and unobtrusive
appearance of the system. But would it work?

On May 11, Wolfgang brought a Sun Nuclear radon sensor into our basement to run a retest of the radon level. I put
my own Airthings Home radon meter next to it. After 24 hours, we were very happy to see a radon level of 1.4 pCi/L.
My sensor displayed a similar value (1.75), which reassured me about its accuracy. Placing my Airthings sensor
upstairs, we got a reading of 0.83 pCi/L. Needless to say, Kim and I are very pleased with these results, and with
the whole experience we had with Central Virginia Radon.

Kim and Ralph Irons
Staunton, VA

Eric Davis,  

Palmyra VA

This was our first encounter with radon mitigation. Wolfgang and Chris provided a quick response both to our request for a quote as well as scheduling the job.

All aspects were explained to our satisfaction prior to commencement and after the installation was complete. Very professional in all areas and a pleasure to work with.

-March 20, 2017

Ryana Brandt,

Ruckersville VA

5 stars!  Wolfgang and his crew were very helpful and quick.  We were under a time crunch to close on our house,  and Wolfgang took care of our radon issue within 2 weeks of calling him and even gave us an estimate on a weekend.  The radon levels were almost at 0 after they were done with my house.

- July 4, 2016

Moe and Julie Martel,

Stanardsville, VA 

What a fantastic job!  From the estimate to the completion of the work you demonstrated quality workmanship and a superb result.

Your professional and courteous (you even removed your shoes when you entered our home) manner gave us the confidence to choose Central VA Radon.  With a full basement and crawl space you priced the two jobs separately. You advised us to have the basement done first then check the result. If the numbers were good we could forego the crawlspace work - saving us an added expense.

The job was completed on time. The post test results show that our radon problem is resolved.

We highly recommend Central VA Radon. Thank you Wolfgang and Chris.

- July 7, 2016

Joe Herget,

Waynesboro, VA

We had high Radon readings in our newly purchased home, so we asked Radon Mitigation C-Ville ( Central VA Radon) to help us. They (Wolfgang & Chris) did a fantastic job... very responsive, a first-class installation (in a very old house), excellent pricing, and great follow-up. The installation has been very effective with our radon reading dropping from 7.0 to a negligible level (about 0.3 after a few days of operation). We highly recommend them!

- March 17, 2016


Kim Beckwith,

Charlottesville, VA

I would highly recommend Wolfgang Hermann and Central Virginia Radon if you have high levels of Radon. When I purchased my house and found high levels of Radon, my realtor and my home inspector both suggested Wolfgang; so I called him and am very glad I did! His pricing was good, they showed up on time, the work was done fast and efficiently, they cleaned up and left no mess, they were very nice and really seem to care about making sure your home is safe. My system was installed so it runs up one of my gutters and no one even notices it, not even people I ask to go look at it! If you have high levels of radon in your home, this is the company to call!

Deborah A. Rutter / Associate Broker,

Charlottesville, VA

Dear Wolfgang,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Anyone in Central Virginia knows to call Wolfgang for radon mitigation...he's the go-to for many real estate agents in the area. He is fast with his installations, accurate with his quotes and personable to boot, and he understands that time is of the essence for real estate transactions. I recommend Wolfgang highly!" 
Service Category: Radon Mitigation
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 

Michael Reilly

Charlottesville, VA

Central Virginia Radon did an outstanding job on the mitigation project for our home. The company was incredibly responsive to our needs and very flexible in finding the right solution for our system. I would recommend Central Virginia Radon Mitigation Specialists to anyone who asks me.

Jeff & Margaret Liskey,

Waynesboro, VA

Hi Wolfgang,

Yes, we are so pleased with all of your efforts & dedication to do everything possible to get the best results; especially considering the difficulty inherent with the non-gravel packed clay under our foundation. It was a pleasure to have someone with your knowledge & expertise working on our Radon Mitigation project. You are a true professional & we would recommend you to anyone seeking such work on their home. 

James E. Foreman

Fluvanna County, VA



I was very impressed with Central Va Radon Services from the start. Your website is very informative and easy to navigate. Also, you were very easy to reach by email or phone. I found you in every instance to be very accessible, helpful, and flexible. In addition, after getting several quotes, I found your pricing to be unmatched. The test you conducted in our basement was very professional and thorough. You returned the results to us very quickly, and we found your results explanation to be reliable and trustworthy. I plan to use your company again once we build our next home. Thank you so much for your excellent service.

Mr. A. Conely

Greene County, VA

Mr. Hermann conducted a prompt and discreet site survey prior to installing the system. His installation was quick, the job site was clean, and the components of the system were installed to blend smoothly with surrounding workmanship, giving an appearance of being installed since the house was built. He made sure all work was done and the re-test for Radon was complete on a very tight timeline. This despite several setbacks on getting test results which were outside of his control. The results showed Radon levels had dropped as promised, yet a further testament to his remediation system and installation. Overall, we were very satisfied with the service.

Tammy Purcell

Louisa, VA

Central Virginia Radon did a wonderful job installing our mitigation system. Wolfgang Hermann was very helpful in explaining his work. His primary concern, of course, was reducing our radon level but he also focused on installing our system in an aesthetically-pleasing way. In the end, Wolfgang significantly reduced our radon level to well below EPA standards and installed an unobtrusive and visually-pleasing system. We highly recommend his services. 

Herb & Dianne Helfereich

We picked Wolfgang from the Yellow Pages. He came and inspected, then gave us an estimate. He started work the next week and did an excellent job! 

He tested when completed work with a very impressive system. Sent us a very detailed report on our Radon levels. Our new reading was 0.3.

Another Co. we had called did not test afterwards. We would have to hire another person or they would give or sell us a canister which we would have to send away. What if they hadn't gotten the level down below 4? Would we have to hire again? Not our idea of a quality Co.
Wolfgang did the job right and got the right results which he could show us in black and white. 
Our idea of a professional!

Marshall E. Heflin

Attention: Mr. Wolfgang Hermann

I would like to express my satisfaction with the radon reduction job you did at my residence. After I did two preliminary tests with activated charcoal and received the results back from a testing laboratory, I found that I had a radon level well above the 4 pCi/l limit. I did some research and decided that your company was well qualified to fix my home. After I contacted you, you came and inspected my basement. I must admit, your proposed mitigation activities left me doubting that it was going to be sufficient but the price seemed reasonable. You came on the appointed day, did the work and cleaned up afterwards. The next day, you put a radon monitor in my basement and left it there over the weekend. When the results were printed out on Monday, the average radon level measured was 0.7pCi/l, which we both considered fantastic. Since then, I have done one more charcoal test in another area of my basement just to confirm the results and the test came back at 1.0 pCi/l which is consistent with the natural variation of day to day radon levels.

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend you to anyone needing radon mitigation services.

Recent Caller Feedback

A recent caller, actually not a customer, wrote feedback via the support form of this site:

Mr. Hermann,

I contacted you today seeking more information on Radon. After speaking with you I thought I would just let you know how impressed I was with your knowledge as well as how accommodating with your time you were to someone who called on the phone with no appointment. I hope to be able to use your services as you seem very well qualified and your workmanship looks outstanding. Great job on the very informative website and picture gallery.

Tom and Nancy Strassburg,

Earlysville, VA

We are very grateful to Mr. Hermann for solving our very difficult radon problem. He took a step-by-step approach that allowed us to reduce the radon level without incurring unnecessary costs. Mr. Hermann viewed our problem as a personal challenge and persisted until he corrected it. He was willing to listen to our ideas and concerns, his work was professional, his fees were reasonable, and he took special care to leave the areas in which he worked completely clean. We recommend him highly. Feedback from

Kenton McCartney

For anyone with a need to lower the radon level in their home I highly recommend Wolfgang Hermann and Central Virginia Radon Mitigation Specialists. I called Wolfgang based on a reference from another individual and definitely made the correct decision. Wolfgang set an appointment date within a couple of days, came precisely on time and reviewed my situation. He made a recommedation and gave me a written estimate during the visit. I accepted the proposal, and we set a date to install the mitigation system. Wolfgang installed the system on the date scheduled and left my basement as clean or cleaner than he found it. Immediate after installation he set up electronic test equipment and measured the hourly radon levels over several days.

Wolfgang is a true professional. He came precisely when scheduled. He educated me about radon and the mitigation alternatives. He installed the system on the date we selected. He left my home in neat and clean condition. And, most importantly, he reduced my radon level below the EPA's recommended action level.

Without reservation I recommend Wolfgang Hermann for anyone with a need for radon mitigation.

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