1. Estimates

Almost every inquiry is about prices...but first an estimate! 

All estimates in and around Charlottesville ARE FREE. I will come to your home, asses the situation, discuss several options with you and leave you with a written contract. You then may... or may not use my services.
I have done some long distance estimates over the phone recently which worked pretty well. Although material prices have increased steadily, we have maintained our price level.

A word about my free estimates:
Everybody loves them and I enjoy meeting with people! Free estimates for new projects are important to me and I like to keep it that way. This service does not include older systems that I did not install or where another company stopped doing business. Trouble shooting or service for my own installations is free- for everything else I charge a service fee of $85.

2. Testing

The costs for testing and mitigation are always part of an inquiery. Sometimes, that's all one wants to know.

2-day-test with continuous Radon monitor $ 165.00

14 -day -test with a continuous monitor (or more) $ 255.00

3-month - 1 year long term test with alpha trek detector $ 175.00

The short term test results are available as soon as the test is completed. A report will be in the mail or email the next day. The long term test will be processed through a certified lab and may take up to 2 weeks.

3. Mitigation and Warranty

Installation of a Radon Reduction System costs between $1000-$1300.

The average is $1,150. 

We offer a complete package (with third-party re-testing at a reasonable rate). The cost depends upon the unique circumstances of your home-crawl spaces, for example, require intensive labor, more time and material, and thus cost more.

Only a written estimate will be accurate (after I have seen your home). It provides you with the 10 year warranty for the performance of your system (maintaining Radon levels below 4 pCi/l) and 5 year factory warranty for the fan.

4. Consultation

For homeowners with tools and skills who can build their own system, a consultation is smart way to save money.
A consultation is a thorough design analysis: I'll come to your house, spend about an hour to walk around with you and give a detailed description of how to do it, some drawings (I'm pretty good at sketching), professional tips about materials, where to buy them and tools that you need and -tricks of the trade! Then there are important code requirements to observe...

Flat fee $ 295.  Includes unlimited follow up phone calls during construction until completion.


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