Radon tests are the only way to find out the levels in your home.

Short Term Radon Testing

Is your house up for sale on the market? Do you have two weeks left before the closing date?

That's when you need short term tests, 48 hours. 
Or you just want to know where you are at for the first time?
A 2-3-day snapshot will do!


Radon testing equipment, continuous monitor

Of the different types of Radon tests the electronic test with the continuous Radon Monitor is the most accurate. This is also the most expensive one ($150), usually performed by home inspectors or Radon specialists. 

The Continuous Monitor Radon Testing program boasts unrivaled accuracy and uses the most advanced electronic radon measurement instruments in the industry. Compared to other radon measurement devices that collect only one radon sample per hour, these tamper-resistant machines collect samples every 15 minutes.

Central VA Radon's Continuous Radon Monitor has consistently tested within 3-4% of the Environmental Protection Agency's accuracy requirement of 25%. A Radon Monitor measures and analyzes the indoor air, calculating the average between high and low of Radon particle density in the composition of the air.

At the end of a 48 or 64 hour test period these data can be printed out or transferred to a computer program for a test report.

Affordable Radon Testing

A very common and inexpensive testing device are these charcoal canisters. Once opened, the container absorbs the air over a 2-day-period and then, sealed again, is sent to a lab for analysis. It is best to set up 2 containers, which will give you a more reliable average.

You'll need about a week to complete the test and have the report sent back to you.  Note: this device cannot absorb all high and low Radon levels during a testing period very well-  the last 6 hours of the test dominate the results.

Long Term Testing

Long term tests provide more information, they are taken under normal living conditions and run anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. This would be your preference, anytime!

Long term tests are performed with a tiny device called an Alpha Track Detector, which has a microscopic sensitive film inside that records alpha traces. Due to the length of the test, this device has the greatest accuracy, and value.

Again, a lab will analyze the film and report back to you, which takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Water can also be a source of Radon entry into your home...


Water Testing

If you have your own well water, make sure to test your water, if your indoor-air shows elevated Radon levels. Call us, order your kit online and follow the clear and simple instructions, then return the glass to the lab and they will do the rest.