A big wish of many customers I serve is to have a map indicating higher Radon levels in Charlottesville and surrounding communities.

We are living at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the oldest rock formations in the country, rich in Basalt, Granith, Limestone and Slate. The content of Uranium is responsible for radioactive gas and it's decay products. 

After 12 years of tracking my installations in this area, I was able to produce this Area Map.

I do not claim to have a complete picture, but what I have is documented and proven. If you are located outside of this map- there is more information, just call me at the number below.

Please be aware of changes since the last earthquake in the fall 2011. Clients with Radon monitors in their home tell me that after the earthquake their levels spiked.

The local news station NBC29 produced this Radon safety report recently. 

Charlottesville Radon Map

Who would not like to be informed about Radon levels in town when you are about to buy a home?