Videos of Radon Mitigation Systems


Clips of Radon Mitigation

These are inside and outside mitigation systems. We try to install by hiding as much as possible, but sometimes the architect/builder did not have Radon in mind.



A New Fan Design

This is a new genaration of Radon Fans, came out 2 years ago, non-yellowing and so much better looking in many ways, in many places.


Replacing a Fan

Regular services like this include replacement of an old fan or trouble shooting a malfunction. After 12 years running continuously, this fan was dead.


Sub-Slab Mitigation

This system is placed at the back and coming out of the ground. By drilling through the footer, we reach under the house and remove Radon gas above the roof line.


 A place well hidden..



Unusual Fan Location

To hide the fan, we had to install it on top of the roof.

Quick Slide Show

Quick succession of moving pictures that gives you an idea of the installation process.