The ERV system makes use of modern technology to improve air quality in your home and at the same time it reduces the Radon level.  It does so by bringing fresh air in from the outside and exhausting stale air (and Radon) from the house. It has a powerful fan that circulates the entire air in your home within 2 hours. It also adjusts cold air in the winter or hot air in the summer. What is this technology then? There is a picture below that shows how that works:

We use an ERV for Radon reduction when it is not possible to install a system; i.e. there's not enough room for piping in the house or outside. the ERV does not work for high Radon levels. A good range is 5-7 piCu/l (picocuries per liter ) and a great advantage to combine air quality and Radon reduction for the health of your home.


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